Harper's Bazaar beauty. Eyeshadow colors; yellow, red, orange, burgundy, purple, pink, brown.

Types of Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow. colors yellow, red, orange, burgundy, purple, pink, brown. Harper's Bazaar beauty

Eyeshadow. colors yellow, red, orange, burgundy, purple, pink, brown. Harper’s Bazaar beauty

Makeup just wouldn’t be half as fun without eyeshadow

The eyeshadow colors come either in matte or pearl consisting a base filler, binder, pigment and sometimes preservatives

Base filler: Talc, Mica or kaolin clay are the most common to help give volume and allow other ingredients to blend well

Binder: Zinc or Magnesium which helps powder adhere together or to the skin

PigmentVarious ingredients create color from mica pigments to vegetable, fruit and ochre sources

Preservatives: Most common are glycol (alcohol) or tocopherol (vitamin E). Helping to prevent bacteria growth. Usually not in natural and or mineral makeup.

Additional: These easily slide over the skin – wax, oils, silica, nylon, dimethicone, boron nitride (a ceramic material), or bismuth oxychloride

Possibly harmful: Talc, bismuth oxychloride, and dimenthicone

Types of Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow colors broken Beauty
Eyeshadow colors broken Beauty

 Pressed powder

Pressed eyeshadow multiples Laura Mercier cosmetics. Natural tones
Pressed eyeshadow multiples Laura Mercier cosmetics. Natural tones

Best for: Oily skin and people who are exploring eyeshadow for the first time.

They contain binder ingredients which help solidify in a small pan. They are the most common form of eyeshadow, because they are less messy than loose eyeshadow and easy to apply. They can build the color from soft/light to heavy/dark.

Loose Eyeshadow/Pigment

Loose eyeshadow. Natural tones
Loose eyeshadow. Natural tones

Best for: Oily skin and extra depth of color.

Although similar to pressed eyeshadow the one vital difference is that there are no binding ingredients. Great for adding extra pigment especially when using loose pigments (ex. MAC). Pressed application rather than swiping motion.

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Cream/Long wear Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow
Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow

Best for: Dry skin, is not messy, long wear and easy to apply with fingers.

There is more of binding ingredients in cream eyeshadow creating moist texture. For long wear and moist: beeswax, castor oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and silicone are used. Once the application is dried, the ingredients help it bond with the skin. To avoid creasing apply primer beforehand.


Avon big color eye pencil/crayon
Avon big color eye pencil/crayon

Best for: No applicator needed, dry skin, and convenient.

Crayon eyeshadows are similar to cream eyeshadows (see above) but no brush is needed. Application is hassle free and crayons are handy. They also work as eyeliners.

Mineral Eyeshadow

Red mineral eyeshadow pigment
Red mineral eyeshadow pigment

Best for: Those allergic to waterproof polymers or binder ingredients. Helps with skin soothing properties.

It is a lighter and more natural option to eyeshadows. Due to containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide properties, it is gentler on skin and can work as a skin protectant but do not rely on it as your only source of SPF. The downside is that there are not as many color options nor does it last as long.

Mousse Eyeshadow

Jouer Cosmetics Mousse Eyeshadow
Jouer Cosmetics Mousse Eyeshadow

Best for: Dry or mature skin. Long wearing.

Mousse makeup is essentially similar to cream makeup except there is air whipped into it making it light and fluffy. It is smooth and weightless.


Glitter. Elle Magazine
Glitter. Elle Magazine

Best for: Sparkle and texture

They come in either small or large particles. Flexible in use – body, face. To keep in place apply primer or cream. The one downside is that removal is hard on skin especially sensitive skin.

Aim: Use eyeshadow to help accentuate your eyes 


1950's advertisement. Woman in fur coat. Eye
1950’s advertisement. Woman in fur coat. Eye



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