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Beautiful skin on african american model

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Different skin tones for different foundation colors
Which base are you?
  • The art of applying foundation is about applying it to where it is needed, not necessarily all over. The result is a less heavy and natural appearance.

  • Ensure the color of your foundation matches your skin tone perfectly. When choosing color, apply a little on the middle of your cheek and blend it out. If it disappears you know you have a winner. Choose a concealer that is a shade lighter.

Beautiful skin on african american model
Beautiful skin.
  • If using tools, remember to clean and sanitize them often or use disposable latex sponges.

  • If using hands, remember the body heat breaks down the foundation.

  • Do not brush hard or drah on your face. If done repeatedly it wears the skin. For gentlest and best coverage application mode, stipple not wipe.

  • You can either apply foundation before or after applying eye makeup. Often the foundation will bring out your eye color before applying any eye makeup.

  • There are multiple tools to use, it all depends on what feels comfortable on your skin but most importantly does the job well!

Foundation and makeup brushes and latex sponges
Foundation and makeup brushes

Types of Tools

Foundation brush
Foundation synthetic brush

Good with cream and liquid foundation.

Duo fiber brush
Duo fiber brush

It is good for all types of foundation and for cream blushers. Use like a buffer brush (see below).

Cream foundation brush
Goat hair foundation brush

A more luxurious type of brush due to being non-synthetic. Feels great on the skin. Used with liquid or cream foundation.

Latex / non latex sponges for makeup
Latex / non latex sponges for makeup

These are soft on skin, hygenic (disposable) and some (see above) have clean cut edges for more precise application. Often easy to tear apart to creating the shape you wish. Best for cream, liquid foundations and cream blushers.

Kabouki powder brush
Kabouki powder brush

The ultimate buffer brush. Best for powder foundations such as Bare Minerals foundations. To buff: use the brush in circular movements gently layering the foundation.

Aim: Make the foundation a part of your skin.

Audrey Hepburn, moviestar and icon. 1950's makeup
Audrey Hepburn makeup

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