How to shape eyebrows with makeup

How to shape eyebrows with makeup

Shape Me Up!

Shape your eyebrows perfectly
Shape your eyebrows perfectly

Great eyebrows give structure to your face and help emphasize your eyes like nothing else. Here I will explain how to achieve it with makeup.

The Shapes:

Angelina Jolie - Eyebrow shapes
Angelina Jolie – Eyebrow shapes

Analyze your eyebrows and see which shape shown above matches yours the best. Before twezzing shape first with makeup to avoid plucking too much.

The Tools:

Eyebrow Tools
Eyebrow tools – pencil vs eyeshadow

There are multiple makeup tools to help complete your eyebrow shape.  You can tattoo, airbrushing, eyeshadow or wax based pencil.

Metallic beauty Marie claire Gold
Metallic beauty Marie claire Gold

Eyeshadow and Pencil Drawn Eyebrows

There are perks to both types



-Dry and powdery texture which means less bacteria. Bacteria loves moisture to grow in.

-Longevity is longer than a waxy pencil. Eyeshadows can last up to 2 years.

-You can decide with a brush how much pigment you want.

-Do not need a pencil sharpner.

-Can mix eyeshadows to get the colour your wish.

Eyebrow eyeshadow

Eyebrow pencil: 

-No brush needed

-Easy to keep in handbag and will not break

-Time efficient in comparison with eyeshadow.

Eyebrow pencil tip

Personal Preference: With brush I can create the illusion of fuller and complete eyebrows without making it look like they are drawn on.


Angle brush. Eyebrows or eyeliner
Angle brush. Eyebrows or eyeliner

Step 1

Dip your brush into eyeshadow and at an angle create short strokes creating the illusion of short hair. Best where it is sparse in the eyebrow and also on top of the natural hair if  wanting to change the color of the eyebrow hair and or make it stronger.

Similarly to above with the well-sharpened pencil, use soft short strokes to fill in the eyebrows.

Natalie Marie Claire Eyebrows
Natalie Marie Claire Eyebrows

Step 2

Use same tactics described in ‘shaping eyebrows’ page when filling in the eyebrows. Like most things, at first it might take a few minutes but soon after doing it a while it will become second nature and be quick to do.

James Dean
Amazing work! You now have perfect eyebrows!

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