Bright pink matte lipstick on model fashion week trends

The Color of My Lips

Beauty makeup black lips by model with blue eyes
Beauty makeup black lips

“You can’t keep changing men so you settle for changing your lipstick” – Heather Locklear, actress

Lipstick orange red shade worn by supermodel american Lindsey Wixen
Lipstick orange red shade

The common ingredients that help create lipsticks

Waxes – (ex. beeswax, paraffin and carnauba wax) to help shape the lipstick.

Oils – (ex. olive oil, lanolin oil, castor oil etc) to help with the texture of the lipstick

Emollients – Help to moisturize the lips (ex. containing vitamin E)

Pigments –  (ex. combinations of plant, animal, mineral or synthetic ingredients) to create the color of the lipstick.

 Preservatives (ex. isoprophyl) which help it from going off, and fragrance ingredients are also often predominant in the modern lipsticks.

Types of Lipsticks

As history can prove, makeup is recession proof and that is down to particularly lipsticks. It accentuates the mouth while giving that extra confidence that a girl just needs once in a while. Below are the different types of lipsticks to suit any situation or style.


Bright pink satin lipstick on model  Gemma Jagger
Satin lipstick

The ‘classic’ is the type of lipstick that is neither too shiny or matte. The shade of lipstick color is what makes the statement not the texture.


nude color satin lipstick worn by supermodel Jourdan Dunn on fashion week trends
Satin Lipstick worn by Jourdan Dunn

This is for when you want your lips to stand out even more, using a bit of shine  that reflects the light.

Interesting fact; Pigment use in lipsticks. from insects
Interesting fact; Pigment use in lipsticks.


Bright pink matte lipstick on model fashion week trends
Pink matte lipstick

It is easier to wear strong eye makeup and or strong colored lipstick when opting for the matte look. Be aware of ensuring your lips are exfoliated and moisturized (if need be plumped) to handle matte lipstick. Chapped lips will only stand out more so with this lipstick type.

Interesting fact: Lipsticks used during WW2
Interesting fact: Lipsticks used during WW2


Chanel cosmetics red lip gloss Harper's Bazaar
Lip gloss Harper’s Bazaar


Beauty Glossy Lips in 1978 Helmut Newton photography for Vogue Magazine
Glossy Lips in 1978 Helmut Newton

Glossy lips did not come into fashion until the late 1970’s (before then vaseline was used to give shine) and it is still popular to this day. It reflects the light and pumps up the lips to appear larger – who would say no to big lips?

Lip Balm

lip balm worn by supermodel Liu Wen
Lip balm

Can’t see it? That was the original point. This moisturizing lip conditioner started off as invincible but now can come in various shades. Be aware – do not use it too often, it can easily become addictive and will only become a pointless expense.

Lip balm by EOS in a pink and pale blue egg shape packaging
Lip balm by EOS


Beauty trend stained lips on model fashion week
Stained lips


Stained lips color burgundy on canadian supermodel  Jessica Stam
Stained lips

There are now lipsticks that do not give a full coverage appearance but rather just a tint. Great for adding color to the lips but wanting a more subtle look. Ran out? – Apply a darker shade of lipstick and dab off with a tissue mainly on the outer circumference of the mouth. See below.


Foundation/Concealer as lipstick on supermodel chinese Liu Wen
Foundation/Concealer as lipstick on supermodel chinese Liu Wen

Just like a lipstick can act as blusher, so can cream blusher as lipstick. For extra pigment you can add pigment pressed on top of your lipstick. And as seen in above picture you can use your foundation or concealer as a nude color.Be Aware – Do not use a lipliner as an eyeliner could irritate the eyes especially if used on someone else before.

AIM: Keep a selection at hand for the different looks you plan to create.

Horst P. Horst fashion photographer for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar magazines photoshoot of model applying red lipstick in the 1940's striped handbag and white glasses
Horst P. Horst fashion photographer for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines

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Intentional Staining

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