How to do your mascara

Beauty fashion mascara long thick eyelashes. blonde model wearing orange lipstick

How to do your mascara

Frame your Eyes

Mascara eyelashes long beauty
Mascara eyelashes long beauty

How to make them pop!

Step 1

Clean them. An obvious one but it is a necessary process to avoid any clumps. Many women often do not ensure it is completely clean leading to more work to do when trying to get amazing lashes.

cleanser eyemakeup remover oily eyemakeup remover. Face Clean
Cleanser Eyemakeup remover Oily eyemakeup remover. Face clean

Step 2

Curl them. Use an eyelash curler and for an extra push use curling mascara.

How to use eyelash curler: Open the curler and aim for as close the top lashes roots. Too close and you will pinch the skin. Hold and squeeze for several seconds (longer if you have straight eyelashes). Another tip is to squeeze at the roots and  gradually move it upwards. Placing the hair dryer to heat up the rubber on the eyelash curler can be done but it is a risk.

Eyelash curler Shuuemura
Eyelash curler Shuuemura

 Step 3

Choose the right mascara for your eyelashes and the effect you want. See ‘Mascara Types’.

Choices: lengthening, curling, waterproof, thickening, blue, brown, black, etc

Mascara Chanel Beauty Vogue
Mascara Chanel Beauty Vogue

Step 4

Application: Start from the roots and move up. Move the brush in a zigzag motion to help separate the lashes and ensure your are getting at every single lash.

For extra pigment and lengthening apply above the top lashes as well.

For extra ‘umph’ at the end of the lash line, reposition the wand in your hand so that you are directing the tip bit. With the tip bit (similar to the idea of Givenchy’s patented mascara) apply mascara to these lashes from roots to top.

Next, apply the mascara to the bottom lashes.

Blue mascara. Cara Delevigne. Harpers Bazaar Beaut
Blue mascara. Cara Delevigne. Harpers Bazaar Beauty

Step 5

Eyelash brush and cotton buds.

If smudged on skin – once it has dried use a cotton bud to wipe it off.

If some of the lashes are clumping together or on the tips of the lashes use an eyelash brush to comb it out then brush it off with powder brush.

Harpers Bazaar mascara beauty and pink lips
Harper’s Bazaar mascara beauty and pink lips

If all else fails add some fake eyelashes or put on come sunnies..

1950's Harper's Bazaar. sun hat and sunglasses red lips
1950’s Harper’s Bazaar. sun hat and sunglasses red lips

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